Honorable Mention

—When Angels come, we don’t always hear the rustle of their wings, but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.— (in part from Jack Handy)  What a perfect discription of our volunteers!


In 2006, our first year for the Day Room, we spent the evening before  opening “tweaking” the room; making sure that we were on top of everything for the next day.  When Joe and Bernice Carter came by checking on the location of the Day Room, we asked them in and we spent the next hour and a half visiting.   From the very beginning they served in whatever way they could and they have been incredible Ambassadors for the Day Room, ever since.  We are proud to have them as “fellow laborers”, but even more proud to have them as friends.

Joe is a Veteran of the US Navy.   He and Bernice both have never met a stranger, and have a genuine love in their hearts for God, Country and Veterans.

We have known Roger and Aleta Scott since 2005.  We all belong to The Retired Enlisted Association and Auxiliary.  For several years we encouraged them to come for Veteran’s Homecoming but for one reason or another plans didn’t work out, until 2009.  Since that time, they have been hooked on the Day Room and on Branson.

Roger is retired veteran of the US Air Force.   In mid-November they travel to Arizona for the winter.  How awesome is it that they travel “just a little out of their way” to volunteer at the Day Room.

I can’t remember a year since we started, when James Hodges  has missed being at the Day Room.   He comes with his folks, Mary and Mac McGarriety.   Most years he arrives early while the room is still “under construction”.    He brings a smile; a willing heart; and all sorts of snacks to share.   And when we need it most, he’s there asking what he can do to help.  He has cleaned windows, moved furniture and chairs,    …….and he has never missed a single day at Reveille and Retreat.  He warms our hearts and we look forward to seeing him every year.

Louise Williams is an unbelievable friend who is  generous beyond measure.  She loves the Veterans Day Room and all that it stands for.  We can not even begin to tell you how many times during the year we pick up the phone to hear her say ” Guess what I found for the Day Room.”  Her brother was a Navy Veteran and she feels this is an opportunity for her to honor his memory.

Other commitments often make it impossible for her to be with us during Veterans Week, but the blessing she sends in her place are too many to count.


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