Veterans Walls of Heroes


When the Radisson Hotel found it necessary to limit the memorabilia that covered the walls and was showcased in the lower level, it was Tom Goldsworthy and friends that rescued every piece they could get their hands on.   For a time, hundreds of pictures, uniforms, and countless items, relating to the Vietnam War found a home in Tom’s shop.  From the very day they were put there, Tom felt determined to find just the right way to display this collection.   Last November his determination paid off.  At his own expense, he and fellow Vietnam Veteran Jerry Waggerman built what is now known as the Veterans Walls of Heroes.  It is an amazing display, and an incredible way to share these treasurers, with other veterans as well as the general public.  The Veterans Walls of Heroes will be at the Red Roof again this year, in Building 5, right next door to the Day Room.   It is a “must see” event for Veteran’s Homecoming Week.


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