This is where it begins

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It is  5 o’clock and for those of you that live on or around a military base, you know what that means.   This young man goes outside to salute the playing of the national anthem.  He salutes because his Dad salutes and he does EVERYTHING, EXACTLY as Dad does.

On every military base, at 5 o’clock retreat is sounded and immediately after that  the National Anthem begins.
Even on  the playgrounds you will see EVERY child stop playing and put their hand on their hearts.  Many of the little boys salute because they see their daddies do it.  All cars stop driving, golfers stop golfing, no one gets on or off base when retreat
starts and until the Anthem is over.

Even in Branson at our Day Room Retreat we learn that                   This is where patriotism begins. They watch and they learn!           






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