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Pendleton’s Grateful Nation Vest

The fabric of our Nation is woven with the sacrifices of our veterans. In recognition of selfless sacrifice, this Grateful Nation Vest honors the brave men and women who have defended freedom throughout the history of the United States of America. Each authentically colored stripe represents a service ribbon awarded to veterans of historical conflicts in which our country has engaged:
• World War II Asiatic Pacific Campaign
• World War II Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign
• Korean Service
• US Vietnam Service
• Southwest Asia Service (Gulf War)
• War on Terrorism
On the back , a representation of the stars and stripes of the American flag, interpreted as a service ribbon.  This unique vest is an inspiration for the young soldier, a tribute to the veteran and a symbol of American national pride. Pendleton proudly donates a portion of the sales of the Grateful Nation Blanket and Vest to the Fisher House™ Foundation, which provides residences near major military and VA medical centers.

It will be given away during Veteran’s Week.  What an AWESOME way to show your patriotic pride.

Vets For Vets

This is one thing you will not want to miss!!

On November 5th, as part of the citywide Veterans Day celebrations, the Starlite Theatre will host the USO-canteen-style show, produced by Brenda Meadows, an Army veteran who toured Vietnam in 1968 as an USO performer.  Vets for Vets is sponsored by Branson Veterans Task Force, and will feature many of Branson’s top performers, including Jeanna Kilbane, Army veteran Eddie Stovall and The Platters, Muse Watson, award-winning pianist Dino , special guest Eddie Beesley, who lost his legs in 1965 while serving in Chu Lai, Vietnam and many more. Vets for Vets producer Brenda Meadows remembers how important these shows were to men and women during active duty.

This opening show is free to veterans and immediate family members November 5th, 5-7:15pm at the 880-seat Starlite Theatre, located on Highway 76 near the Titanic. For more information call 866-991-1982


What an opportunity!

This post is taken,  in most part, from a post made by our friend Marlyce Stockinger who says it far better that we ever could.

Veterans in Defense of Liberty are presenting a wonderful program where all of us in the United States can say THANK YOU to our Vietnam Veterans.

The goal is to collect the most names ever listed on a greeting card in history, with the total to be certified by the Guinness Book of World Records

Names and signatures will be obtained on a small Thank You Card which will be stored in Vietnam era duffel bags and archived in perpetuity.  The card will be returned to Veterans in Defense of Liberty, and the names will be transferred to the official campaign Thank You Card, which will be large enough for the millions of signatures we seek.

Currently the campaign will invite signers to petition the US Congress for a full accounting of and total transparence of records for all American POW/MIA personnel.  “For they Deserve to walk on American soil or be buried within it.”

The signature collection drive was officially announced in Washington, DC on Memorial Day, May 28, 2012 during the Rolling Thunder Rally at the Vietnam Memorial with the official launch taking place at the Branson press conference and VIP reception October 17, 2012, and being reinforce throughout Branson’s Veterans Week.

The official presentation ceremony will occur on Memorial Day 2014, at the Vietnam Memorial Wall after the cards are escorted from Branson, MO by the Flame of Freedom and Missouri Rolling Thunder. The card will be resented by a civilian delegation (Connie Stevens, Honorary Chair) to a receiving delegation of Vietnam Veterans with our own Eddie Beesley as Veterans Chairman.

The many small greeting cards received during the campaign will be spread on the walk, (in the Duffel bags) at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, symbolically representing them to our fallen brothers.  The signature cards will then be permanently housed in the official archives.

This act of national gratitude has been delayed far too long.  Therefore, let us act with the energy and resources available, so that the greatest number of these heroes may live to see an enormous outpouring of respect, thanks and love directed to them from a grateful nation.

Chip has sponsored a “duffle bag” for the Day Room and there will be cards available for you to sign.